Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Casetta di Antonio Foundation, Inc.
Mailing Address: Unit 706 Herrera Tower, Valero corner Rufino Sts. Salcedo Village, Makati City 1227
Telephone Nos. 845-0876 *8958847

Dear friend and benefactor,

I thank the good Lord who has allowed our paths to cross.

Over the past 25 years of my priesthood, He has so graciously favored me with the grace of having met and known so many people like you who support me, share my dreams, and actually help me realize them, or otherwise put faith and trust in whatever I say or do. Many have journeyed with me and worked with me in the vineyard of the Lord. A great many, who have since moved on and charted other pathways, helped me set up and keep afloat for almost 15 years now, the Cogliandro Memorial Foundation, now known as Bahaybusko Foundation. Still a greater number have been willing and cooperative recipients of – and collaborators in – my educational and formative ministry since I was ordained in 1982.

As I reach a major milestone in my priestly life this 25th year, I cannot but look back with gratitude to both God and individuals who have so graciously and generously allowed themselves to become instruments of His providential care on behalf of those whom Divine Providence has given to my direct and indirect charge. Of these 25 years, the many years spent in direct formation work for would-be priests and young priests take pride of place in my treasure house of memories. To be sure, trials and mistakes abounded. I look back to them now with a heart filled with a tinge of sadness, but never with regret. But I look back, too, to even more abounding instances of unparalleled joys and successes. They fill me with hope, and goad me on to dream some more in view of whatever is left of the time I still have on loan from the Creator.

As you have done in the past, I personally request you to please go on dreaming with me. Having been in direct formation work for would-be priests and young priests up till now, I have dreamed of setting up another foundation that would help make what I, and others, do, and what others also dream of doing with a semblance of solid and institutional grounding.

I ask you to support my cause by contributing in any way you can to the CASETTA DI ANTONIO FOUNDATION, INC. The dream has been percolating in my heart and mind for many years now, but I need help as it makes its first baby steps towards institutional realization. Lack of time and resources have prevented me from coming up with a formal brochure to give more details. For now, all I can tell you for sure is that, with my siblings’ go-signal, we have designated a portion of my late parents’ (Antonio & Remedios) very modest property as initial boost toward the realization of this dream.

I, therefore, personally knock at your door for help. Be an active contributing member of the CAFI and be part of the on-going formation of younger religious priests.

One with you and with my brother priests,

Fr, Chito Dimaranan, SDB
December 8, 2007

N.B. For my readers from North America, Australia, and Europe, you may send your donations care of J.D. De Leon, 27872 Pebble Court, Hayward, CA 94542-2502 USA. Please make checks payable to CASETTA DI ANTONIO FOUNDATION, INC. Readers from Asia & Australia may get in touch with us through the above Philippine mailing address, or you may want to wire your donations directly to Union Bank of the Philippines, Account # 202 02 0015303, Calamba, Laguna branch.